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PH2 is designed for you.

By identifying your metabolic needs and nutritional deficiencies, we create personalized lifestyle plans that deliver results.

Beverly Hills




PH2 Program

Work privately with Kevin. Backed by hundreds of success stories. Stop the dieting cycle and achieve lasting results by building good & healthy habits.

PH2 Elite PackageNew

A personalized plan that incorporates the 3 pillars for optimal health: Hormones, nutrition & ongoing support.

Single Session

Available in private video sessions. Get answers to all your dietary and workout questions by cutting through opinions and getting to real facts.

unfollow the trends, follow the science
Celebrity Nutritionist
Kevin Libby

PH2 Nutrition is a nutritional counseling service founded by Kevin Libby. We build easy to follow nutrition programs based on metabolic and nutritional tests.

Our program provides an app for food tracking and supplementation protocols depending on nutritional deficiencies. Whether you are in person or remote, PH2 is here to provide support throughout this journey to ensure your success.

How PH2 Works


Start with a brief 15 minute phone consultation to learn about the PH2 program.


set goals & begin testing

Establish your goals, review your personal health history, answer Q&As and run some tests.


Establish A Plan

Measure body composition and adjust your foundation food program according to findings.


Ongoing Support

Make adjustments based on results and preference. Create a long-term maintence plan.

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