ph2 nutrition

PH2 Nutrition is a nutritional counseling service founded by Kevin Libby that offers proprietary testing methods to determine each individual's unique metabolism. We build easy to follow nutrition programs based on these test results. We provide an app for food tracking and design supplementation protocols depending on nutritional deficiencies. Whether you are in person or remote, PH2 is here to provide support throughout this journey to ensure your success.

Begin a Wellness Journey


1- Intake Appointment | 90 Minutes

Establish your goals, review your personal health history and current health conditions, as well as run a series of tests and Q&A that will enable us to explain your unique metabolism, build the foundation of your personally curated food program, and create your food tracking app profile.

2- Activation Appointment | 60 Minutes

Measure body composition, hold an in-depth discussion regarding current nutrient patterns and how they positively or negatively affect the body, adjust your foundation food program according to findings, design and discuss a supplement program, outline cardiovascular and training protocols, and consider additional testing as necessary or requested.

3- Support Sessions | 45 Minutes

Measure body composition, make adjustments to your menu based on results and preference, add or adjust supplementation, and consider additional testing as necessary or requested.