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“I help people restore BALANCE, realize their POTENTIAL, and LIVE LIFE TO ITS FULLEST through NUTRITION.”

— Kevin Libby, Nutritionist to the Stars

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About Kevin

For over 20 years Kevin Libby has defined his purpose as service to his fellow man by continually adopting best practices in nutritional sciences. His dedication to his purpose has labeled him an authority in nutrition since relocating to Los Angeles in 2013. His talents for getting incredible results were recognized immediately. This has translated to numerous physique transformations in Hollywood blockbusters and countless television series’. Kevin prides himself on listening to his client’s needs and uses the latest technology available to fast track success without compromising health. With this approach there are no cookie cutter programs. Everything is 100% custom with ongoing support necessary to get results.

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Weight Loss

Movie & Film Prep

Digestion Healing

“It’s not about restriction, it’s about consistency.”



Nutritional programming, premium supplementation & innovative testing for proper fueling and recovery to elite athletes including endurance and physique sports.


Nutritional planning, supplementation & testing for optimal health, energy, longevity and stress management.


Nutritional support & prescriptive grade supplementation for gut issues, adrenal fatigue, metabolic syndrome, auto-immune disease, bone, joint, heart, high blood pressure, diabetic markers, neurological disorders and many other ailments stemming from nutritional deficiencies.

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PH2 Nutrition

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