No meaningful and sustainable health journey has ever begun with a fad diet or advice from a magazine. If you’re serious about changing your own nutritional habits, it’s time to get customized guidance from an actual expert. PH² Nutrition Counseling provides you with a sustainable foundational food program and ongoing support based on your individual needs.

How It Works

 A nutritional counselor sits down with you one-on-one to determine the best eating pattern and daily habits to reach and maintain your goals. They review your personal and family health history, current nutrient patterns, and activity levels. Through in-house testing, your nutritional counselor learns vital information about what’s currently going on in your body, from your oxygen levels to your rate of metabolism.

With these combined insights, your counselor sets you up with a foundational food program. Together, you and your nutritional counselor determine an ongoing strategy to monitor progress and connect through ongoing weekly or biweekly sessions.


No matter what your nutritional goals are, we can help. All PH² Nutrition Counseling services are customized to the unique needs of the individual client. Our most popular nutritional programs include: 

The Red Carpet Treatment 

If your body is your instrument, this is the program for you. Nutritional counselor Kevin Libby has worked with countless actors and actresses. Whether you’re preparing for a fight scene or a love scene, he provides a foolproof strategy to sculpt your body within the timeframe you require . . . without compromising your health. 

Fitness Counseling

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to building a fitter, faster, more powerful body. Peak athletic performance begins with providing your system with the specific nutrition it needs. In our one-on-one boutique consulting, we analyze the composition of your body. We conduct blood testing and metabolic rate testing to understand how your body uses the food you feed it. From here, we establish a new nutritional strategy that keeps your body safe while allowing you to push the limits of your athletic ability.

Weight Loss Counseling

Let a nutritional counselor guide you through a sustainable weight loss journey. Instead of leaning on gimmicks, we rely on the power of foods to get results. Your counselor analyzes your metabolism and health history to devise an intelligent foundational food program. They educate you about the needs of your body and help you adjust your dietary plans to align with your food preferences. You can lose weight without deprivation or hunger. All you need is professional insight and genuine commitment. 

Your new life begins today. Contact us to schedule your initial consultation.