Mastering a new nutritional strategy begins with a clear understanding of your own body. Testing is essential for anyone hoping to lose weight, enhance sports performance, or develop a healthier dietary system. We provide testing as part of our nutritional counseling services and for individuals who simply need insight for their own personal use.

 At PH2 Nutrition, you can receive the following tests.

Blood Test 

For a nutritional blood test, our technicians require two samples of blood. This test reveals essential information such as:

  • Blood Glucose Levels
  • Blood Oxygen Levels
  • Hemoglobin
  • Lipid Profile 

When our counseling clients receive a blood test, we use the results to determine what’s missing from their current nutritional system. We know how their body responds to certain foods.

Metabolic Rate Test

This non-invasive test measures your RMR, AKA “Basal Metabolic Rate.” The test requires you to breathe into a tube connected to a machine. The machine analyzes CO2 emissions to determine how many calories your body burns when it is at rest. 

As nutritionists, we use this information to determine the number of calories our clients must consume in a day to reach their goals without placing the body in a stressed state.

Body Composition Test

Our body composition test clues you in on the makeup of your body. Find out what percentage of your body is fat, how much is muscle, and how much is water. These insights help you establish a baseline as you move forward toward fitness goals. A body composition test can also be used to monitor progress. Click below to schedule an appointment.